Forest and Environment Department
Govt. of Odisha
Entry Fee Structure
Person/Day Fee(in Rs.) Documents required for issue of Entry Permit
  • Photo ID Card / PAN card


  • Driving License of vehicle


  • Passport (For Foreigners only)

  Entry permits are issued at the following places
  • Pampasar
  • Chhamundia
  • Kusanga
1) Indian Citizens 20
i) A group of 20 or more@ per person 10
2) Foreign nationals 1000   
i) A group of 10 or more@ per person 200
3) Students 20
i) A group of 10 or more@ per student 10
4) For conducting scientific research :  
i) Indian
ii) Foreign national
5) Children below three years Free
6) Physical handicapped Free
7) Jeep/Car/LMV per day Rs.5.00 per vehicle per day
8) HMV /2-wheelers Not allowed


In addition to the above the following fees are levied for :

Trekking/nature trail  
Indian Rs.20/- per head/day over and above the entry fee
Foreign National Rs.100/- per head/day over and above the entry fee.
Still Camera, Amateur photographer  
Indian Rs.20/- per camera for first 3 days & Rs.10/-/day thereafter
Foreign National Rs.100/- per camera for first 3 days & Rs.40/-/day thereafter.
Indian Rs.50/- per camera/day
Foreign National Rs.400/- per camera/day
Cine camera smaller than 35 mm. Amateur  
Indian  Rs.200/- per camera/day
Foreign National   Rs.1000/- per camera/day
Indian Rs.1000/- per camera/day
Foreign National Rs.10,000/- per camera/day