Forest and Environment Department
Govt. of Odisha
Baisipalli Sanctuary

The Baisipalli sanctuary is located where the Mahanadi River passes through a gorge in the Eastern Ghats mountains in Nayagarh District. Elevations range from near sea level to about 900 metres. This Sanctuary is a sal dominated forest with significant number of tigers, le

opard and elephants. BaisipalliSanctuary covering an area of 168.35 sq. kms. has been notified vide Notification No. 8F (W) 25335 dt. 16.05.1981 of FE & AH department,Government of Odisha.The state of boundary of the Sanctuary is 84º 35.4' E to 84º 48.5' E Longitude and 20º 23.8' N to 20º 31.3' N Latitude with an altitudinal range from 40mt. to 843 mt. from MSL

Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary Odisha, spread over 168.35 sq km entirely in Nayagarh district, makes a co-end with the Baisipalli Reserve Forest. Situated in the close proximity of the Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary, the Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary is lying in its south. The Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary provides you an opportunity to fill all the wild thrill of woodland in your life. Offering a full relaxation to your mind and body both, Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary Odisha delivers you the fine location to get relief from all the pains of the rest of the world.

The sanctuary has got its name from the 22 settlements existing within its span. The whole area is a part of the Deccan Peninsula Bio-geograp

hical Zone, Eastern Plateau province and Eastern Ghat sub-division. The sanctuary is an ideal tourist destination. The sanctuary is blessed with a well-wooded hilly terrain, rendering abode to elephants, tigers, leopards, herbivores like Chousingha and water birds, and a few varieties of reptilian including Python and King cobra, among others. The tourists get recreational and educational facilities during their visit at the Deer Park at Kuanria lying in the outskirts of the sanctuary.