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Where to Go
How much time required to visit Satkosia Tiger Reserve :
If you are visiting Satkosia Tiger Reserve from Pampasar side, you will require half an hour to reach Tikarapada tourist place by vehicle. Further to visit GRACU, Interpretation Centre and to strol along you require at least another half an hour. The site of Tikarapada gets closed at 5.0 pm in the evening.
From Tikarapada, you will require 15 minutes to reach Purunakote tourist site located on small hillock. You can have a cup of tea / snacks in the canteen run by TIPPS. Thereat while enjoying the animals in the meadow.
From Purunakote, you will require 30 minutes to reach Chhotkei tourist place to enjoy the panoramic view from another hill top. You can have tea / snacks at the canteen run by TIPPS.
The site at the Pampasar is closed to tourist at 6.0 pm. Therefore, you need to another 45 minutes for Chhotkei to reach the entry side at Pampasar.
Important Tourist Point
Northen side
              Important tourist points within Satkosia Tiger Reserve are Tikarapada, Chhotakei, and Purunakote.
               Tikarapada giving intense nature camping experience, overnight stay is fascinating and unforgettable.
The place is full of natural beauties. River Mahanadi, the largest river in the state is at its most beautiful and also most fearful shape at Satkosia.A Nature Interpretation Centre at Tikarpada supplements an ecotourist's search for subject and can gain vast knowledge about the Gharial Crocodile from the Gharial Research and Conservation Unit.Boating (in permissible area) on the river Mahanadi and viewing the majestic gorge and towering mountains on the both sides, one can sight plenty of crocodiles basking on the sand banks.Nature walking: Nature lovers and bird watchers can walk around and discover the unspoiled wilderness through the nature trail. For this you may contact DFO, Satkosia Wildlife Division.
                 Chhotkei is the community run nature camp located on a hill top at 8 kms away from Purunakote, providing a scenic view of the Satkosia Tiger Landscapes. In the vicinity if lucky, you may come across group of elephant wallowing in the mud in the forest visible from this place.
                 Purunakote provides a lot of scenic beauty and heavenly pleasure to see the herd of Chital thronging the meadows in the front of Pamapasar Rest House. Apart of this, you may get chance to encounter indigenous hill myna, sambar, giant squirrel.
Southern side
                 Important tourist points within Satkosia Tiger Reserve are Badmul, Sapapathar, and Kuanria.

                 Badamul  provides a lot of scenic beauty and heavenly pleasure. One can encounter with herd of Gaur and sambar. Also there is chance of coming across Giant squirrel and Hill myna. Boating inside river Mahanadi is an addition to the thrilling experience inside nature. The deep blue waters of river Mahanadi seems to be the unique creation of God for nature lovers.

                 Sapapathar is a massive rock bed of black granite surrounded with deep wilderness inside Baisipalli sanctuary. One can approach the spot through nature trail and experience the on forgettable moments of inter acting with nature. Possibility of encounter with elephants, Leopards, Wild boar, Jungle fowl etc may not be ruled out.

                  Kuanria a place on the out skirt of Satkosia Tiger Reserve at a distance of 50 Kms from Nayagarh on NH leading to Bolangir and 40 Kms from Chhamundia through Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary and Baisipalli Sanctuary. . One can visit the deer park and Interpretation centre at Kuanria and there from Baisipalli Sanctuary can be visited to enjoy the virginity of nature with very rich biodiversity.