Forest and Environment Department
Govt. of Odisha
Rules and Regulation for tourist

» Entry for tourist vehicles would be allowed from Pampasar / Chhamundia / Kusanga gate only.

» Forest personnel may check the vehicles/ visitors along with their belongings at all entry and exit points.

» The tourist should vacate from Tikarapada area by 5.00 pm positively.

» Vehicles violating the rules and regulations in force for the second time shall be barred from further entry into the Tiger Reserve.

» Day tourist must plan their return journey in such a way that they leave the Tiger Reserve exist gate by 6.00 pm of the same day.

» Tourist would give an undertaking to abide by rules and regulations before entering the tiger reserve. The violators would be dealt as per law.

» Only those tourist with confirmed reservation would be allowed to stay inside i.e. Purunakote, Chhotkei, Tikarapada, Tarava. Only 24 vehicles from Pampasar, 10 vehicles from Chhamundia and 6 vehicles from Kusanga will be allowed per day.

>The tourists with confirmed reservation from compitent authority( Divisional Forest Officer Mahanadi Wildlife Division, Nayagarh) may be allowed to stay at Chhamundia and Kuanria.